Friday, January 10, 2014

USDA proves Mary Cummins is a Liar

In numerous blogs aimed at defrauding the public as well as intentionally maligning Amanda Lollar, Founder and President of Bat World Sanctuary and Randy Turner, attorney for Bat World Sanctuary, Mary Cummins continues to deliberately post false and misleading information after being sued for “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation” and being ordered to pay Amanda Lollar in excess of $6 MILLION DOLLARS. Mary Cummins has repeatedly tried to represent herself as “an advocate for animals” and “a whistleblower.”Apparently the only animal to which Mary Cummins gives aid is herself

In a document received via a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) we have uncovered yet another example of the maniacal intent of Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates, a suspended non-profit in the state of California, towards the renowned sanctuary for bats and its much admired Founder, Amanda Lollar.  

Mary Cummins has repeatedly posts a ‘supposed’ email from a USDA veterinarian (Dr. Laurie Gage) charging Amanda Lollar with “violations of the AWA” and “causing a bat to die.” This so called letter that Gage wrote was in response to a manipulated video that Cummins sent to the USDA in retaliation against Lollar after she sued Cummins. Dr. Gage made comments about the video based on the manipulated portions she viewed. However, it turns out that Dr. Laurie Gage is LINKED to Cyber-stalker Mary Cummins. Mary Cummins has identified Dr. Jennifer Conrad as her ‘best friend’ who likes to take Cummins on trips to Spain and various other outings. Jennifer Conrad was a classmate of Laurie Gage and they both worked on a big cat related project together.

Did Dr. Laurie Gage, the USDA Big Cat and Marine Mammal Specialist, collude with Mary Cummins and sidekick Dr. Jennifer Conrad of the Paw Project?  It is more than suspicious that Mary Cummins knew to ask for a specific email that was not even in Bat World Sanctuary’s file, and she asked for it repeatedly until she received it. Would anybody be surprised to hear there is an active investigation concerning Dr. Laurie Gage, Dr. Jennifer Conrad and Mary Cummins?

To this day Mary Cummins likes to post that the “head USDA vet, Dr. Laurie Gage, stated Amanda Lollar was in violation of the AWA.” Not according to the real head of the USDA (who is Dr. Laurie Gage’s boss), Dr. Robert Gibbens:

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It’s important to also note that after the numerous false complaints made by Cummins, Amanda Lollar willingly submitted to numerous government investigations, including a 5 hour legal fact-finding by the USDA.  Learned professionals from every bat inhabited continent in the world have sought out Amanda Lollar and have been trained by the renowned bat expert.  Literally millions of bats lives have been saved due to Lollar’s intervention which made Mary Cummins relentless defamation of Lollar even more damaging.  After Mary Cummins was sued, two veterinarians testified in court for Amanda Lollar (Search the actual trial transcript for "Dr. Jarrett" and "Dr. Messner" to read their compelling testimony).

It is unfortunate that the USDA had a “Big Cat and Marine Mammal Specialist” review anything whatsoever concerning a bat sanctuary.  Frankly, any bat trained veterinarian or even a veterinarian specializing in wildlife and exotics would not have been fooled by the altered video like Dr. Gage was.

Since Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar’s name was cleared by every single government agency and animal rights organizations, Bat World is listed as the NUMBER ONE sanctuary to which people should donate.This is a prime example of why people should fight back when they encounter a cyber-monster and they are being cyber-stalked, cyber-harassed and defamed.  We need laws on the books to prevent the demented behavior of Mary Cummins and individuals just like her.  Write your senator and congressman attaching a copy of Attorney Randy Turner’s page which summarizes the activities of Mary Cummins. 

Amanda Lollar, in hopes of helping others who have been or are being cyber-stalked/cyber-harassed, created a Facebook page, Stand up to Cyber-Stalkers, to help others regain control of their lives including tactics to fight back.  Many people have credited the page with changing their lives for the better.


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